About us

About Us

M/s M.M.Brothers, involved in all kind of work relating to electricity up to
33KV. The firm has been established as back as around 45 years back starting
from LT System/Building Wiring & progressed on year to year basis for
executing erection of overhead lines, laying of underground cable, erection and
commissioning of Sub-Stations, installation & commissioning of switchgears &
all allied equipments up to 33KV, Shifting of line/cables, street lighting work
on National Highway etc. The company has earned high reputation among
reputed customers like erstwhile RSEB, State Govts. Distribution companies,
Development Authorities, National Highway, Railways, Urban Improvement
Trusts, etc. not only in the state of Rajasthan but also in other states of Union
of India.
The company is on sound financial footings having liberal cash- credit
limit (CC Limit) and bank guarantees from nationalized as well as from private
scheduled banks. In previous year the turnover was around Rs. 47.23 Crores.
Thus in the state of Rajasthan, we have earned a name of one of the Top
Electric Contractor.

Growth factor
  • Huge Opportunity in Power Sector
  • Government is focusing on Green Energy
  • Continuous Demand in Power Sector.
  • Entering into Steel Products Manufacturing.
  • Opening of Showroom of All electrical items up to 132 KV at a Single Place.
  • Participating in Infra Development Projects of Electrical in other states of India.
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